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This past week, the library suffered a huge ALIEN INVASION!! 700 aliens received programs from us this past week! Luckily for us, these aliens came in peace.

Our tweens had such a fun time making their slime.

Our tweens had such a fun time making their slime.

Our tween group had a blast making galaxy slime on Tuesday evening! Everyone’s slime turned out great, and was just the right consistency to where it wouldn’t stick to your fingers! That’s a win in my book! There were many laughs shared during the program, and everyone had a great time. One student was named the Slime Master because she could make any slime the perfect consistency!

Our daycamp and California summer school aliens were given the task to help Marquis the Martian find his way back home. They were given a cone-shaped water cup, and various craft supplies such as pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and string. They then had to design a spacecraft that would float (we had a box fan that created the air movement) to help Marquis get home. Several alien groups were quite successful, while others learned about trial and error.

Our preschool alien friends listened to a cute story titled Your Alien, about a boy who makes friends with an alien and the adventures that they have. Then, they got to make their own alien out of common shapes! I love doing shape projects because even though everyone can have the same shapes, the things that are created are so different! Our alien project was no different. Everyone let their creativity shine through on this one.

Library staff didn’t let the alien fun stop at California. We also went to go visit some of our alien friends at Jamestown and High Point. They were given an alien body, and were tasked to design their own alien using only 5 extra craft supplies (googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, buttons, etc.). It was fun to see what they came up with. They also suffered a rather large alien invasion in their gym while trying to protect their planet! We had about 5 “astronauts” trying to protect their planet’s most valuable goods (toy bowling pins) while being invaded by aliens. Out of the 20 rounds played, the astronauts were successful once.

We ended our alien invasion on Thursday evening where our elementary friends were able to create their own alien as well after listening to how Aliens in Underpants Saved the World. Surprisingly, no one made their alien a pair of underpants!

Join us next week as we’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ships!

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Heidi Porter