Planet Party

This week we threw a huge party at Moniteau County Library..a Planet Party that is. We had fun partying with the great eight!

Tuesday evening, we had a record breaking tween program with 18 fifth through eighth graders coming to make a galaxy backpack! Each student received a black canvas backpack that we painted with fabric paint. We started out with a circle of blue paint, that we then expanded out to make it even bigger. Then, we blended some white paint in with it to make it appear lighter. Next, we added a dab of purple and pink, and then repeat the whole process as many times as wanted. The fun part was getting to make the “stars.” We loaded our paint brushes up with some white paint and we flicked it onto our backpacks. Finally, to get the ultimate galaxy effect, we sprayed on some glitter! Everyone’s backpack was unique to their own personalities, and they all turned out great!

Our daycamp and summer school friends got to do a couple different activities. Some got to take a Trip to Mars while they learned about the different roles of astronauts on a space mission. Some got to make planet hats where they colored the planets, and placed them on a headband. While some got to do both. No matter which activity they got to do, a good time was had by all at this Planet Party.

Some first graders rocking their planet hats!

Some first graders rocking their planet hats!

Our preschool pals worked on a variety of skills this week ranging from coloring, cutting, gluing, ordering, and matching. After listening to the story Life on Mars by Jon Agee, which if you haven’t read any of his books you should because they are pretty great, we worked on putting the planets in order. To aid in this process, the planets had a number on it that they had to match with spot where they were gluing.

We took our party back to Jamestown and Latham. They got to make a galaxy collage. Jamestown also celebrated the ending of their program this week by cashing in their tickets at our prize plaza. They cashed in $551 in 25 cent, 50 cent, and $1 tickets between 65 students. They were able to purchase bluetooth speakers, slime, games, water bottles, and much more!

Look at those awesome new planets!!

Look at those awesome new planets!!

Our party ended Thursday evening with our elementary program. They got to do their own little bit of artwork as well when they created their own planets. We switched things up a bit as we started out by coloring our coffee filter “planets.” Then, we sprayed them with water to make the colors blend. While it was drying, we listened to the story A Place for Pluto. Afterwards they got to put their planets on a galaxy background and add a few stickers.

Join us next week as we go Soaring to the Sun!

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Heidi Porter