Cottage by the Sea by Debbie Macomber

cottage by the sea.jpg

Annie Marlow has suffered through a terrible tragedy and she has to leave Seattle, Washington. But where to go?

Her cousin, Gabby, suggests a place that holds happy memories for her, so Annie moves to Oceanside, where her family went every summer when she was in her teens.

The characters in this book include: Mellie, a recluse often unfriendly, landlord whom Annie makes an effort to befriend; Keaton, who doesn’t talk much; and Britt, a teenager, who makes Annie’s cup of coffee every morning at the shop on her way to work.

Annie has no plans to leave Oceanside.

She makes friends fast in the only medical clinic in the small town, where she takes a job as physician’s assistant.

As the novel progresses, the reader notices the intensity and, all too soon, the story ends.

Macomber has been writing long enough to have her characters down pat and the front of the book says she got the idea for this book from an actual event that happened in 2014 — mudslide that took 43 lives in the state of Washington.

Heidi Porter