Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston


LOST CITY OF THE MONKEY GOD is a true story about expeditions who have been searching the Honduran interior trying to find the White City, also called the Lost City of the Monkey God. In 2012 author Douglas Preston joined a team of scientists armed with modern equipment in the mountains of Mosquitia. Having been warned about the bugs they would encounter, about the scorpions and spiders, and the snakes they would surely see, the group was helicoptered to an unnamed river and left to set up a primitive camp in the rainforest.

Preston first learned about the legend of the lost city when on another assignment for National Geographic in 1996 and vowed to research all the expeditions which had tried to find it. He came to the conclusion, when he could find no clear idea where it was, that obviously they had failed. You can learn about the failed expeditions and if they succeeded. The book also has pictures and maps which are helpful.

Heidi Porter