Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky

Sweet salt air.jpg

SWEET SALT AIR is about relationships. Relationships you had when you were younger. Relationships you have when you are older. It's about secrets. Secrets you never thought you'd share with anybody, let alone your best friend.

Nicole has been hiding a secret for four years from Charlotte her childhood friend. Charlotte has been hiding a secret from Nicole for ten years. Julian, husband of Nicole, has been hiding all kinds of secrets.

Then Nicole contacts Charlotte about working on a cookbook she's trying to write and the secrets come tumbling out as Charlotte joins Nicole on Quinnipeague, the island where they first met. Charlotte has a way of talking to people that hides the fact that she's interviewing them and Nicole desperately needs that for her book.

SWEET SALT AIR was published in 2013 so maybe you've read it or maybe you missed it. Either way, there are plenty of books by Barbara Delinsky to chose from at the library. An ebook is also available with your library card.

Heidi Porter