Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff

lost Girls of Paris.jpg

“The Lost Girls of Paris” is about World War II but before you stop reading this review, it has to about a specific part of the war. Namely the girls who operated the wireless. They acted as couriers to the troops. And they never came back.

One day in 1944 Grace Healey found a suitcase on her way to work tucked under bench in Grand Central Station. She opened it and discovered some photographs of different women in various dress. She was late to work so she kept them. What she discovered was remarkable as the women themselves.

We learn very little about the war except the women's part in it. We learn how they trained and where. Eleanor Trigg was responsible for the “girls” and naturally felt bad when they were captured. One actually was a girl being seventeen she was sent to France. We hear mostly about and from Marie. About her marriage gone south and her daughter Tess. Eleanor has a voice in this novel as well. And Grace.

You'll learn how Grace kept digging until she found the truth.

“The Lost Girls of Paris” by Pam Jenoff deserves to be read and it's in The Moniteau County Library. Have you checked out the new book section?

Heidi Porter