The Burglar by Thomas Perry

burglar Thomas Perry.jpeg

“ The Burglar” by Thomas Perry is like no other this reviewer has ever read. He gets right to the story and doesn't stop.

Elle Stowell is the Burglar. She is young and blond. She is short and able to fit through a doggy door. She seems to blend in even running in ritziest neighborhoods. She's good at it, even though it is L.A. Until one night she finds three bodies instead and that turns her world upside down.

She attempts to find out who killed the three, before the killer finds her. She gets into some pretty tight places in reality as well as figurely before the novel ends. And don't be afraid Perry “lost” a character, he finds him in the end.

This reviewer had never read Perry before even though he apparently been writing several years. The Burglar is a good place to start and it's at the Moniteau County Library.

Heidi Porter